IHO Scope and Aims


Irish History Online provides bibliographic data on historical writing dealing with Ireland during all periods from prehistoric times to the present. It is a guide to the work of historians rather than to original sources, unless they have been edited and republished by historians.

Irish History Online includes monographs, editions, articles from international, national and local history journals, and essays in collective volumes. Its strength lies in its near comprehensive coverage of publications since the 1930s. It includes not just monographs, editions and journal articles, but also provides comprehensive bibliographic coverage of the individual chapters in edited books, conference proceedings and essay collections.
Selected material from electronic databases and electronic-only journals is being incorporated.

Material is included irrespective of place or language of publication, although coverage is most comprehensive for works published in Ireland and Britain.

Searches can be made by author/editor, title, series, subject, place, personal name, etc.

IHO is an essential resource for the study of Irish history at any level, and is free of charge to users.


There are some limitations on content:
Review articles are included, but not reviews of individual works unless they are presented as articles in their own right.
IHO does not aim to include items on technical topics if the aim of the work is primarily to appeal to enthusiasts in a particular field, rather than to contribute to broader historical understanding: hence, for example, technical items aimed primarily at collectors dealing with the decorative arts, stamps, or coins, may be excluded.
Technical reports on archaeological excavations are not included.
Unpublished theses are not included in the database.


Data currently being input (2016) mostly relates to 2015 and 2016 publications, along with further additions and amendments to listings for earlier years.

This page last updated 5 May 2016